Sports are important for shaping mental and physical health. Sports develop coordination. We place great emphasis on offering various possibilities of sports for the children. Sport activities are supervised by qualified trainers keeping children's age appropriacy in mind




There's nothing like water to keep kids fit and healthy, energised and having fun.

Our aim is to encourage lifelong love of water. We offer kids to learn introductory swimming skills and water safety skills. 

Swimming is one of the most effective sports since it makes all muscles move at the same time. Oxygen cycling of body is well balanced while swimming and it improves the capacity of lungs, heart and vascular system. Children love swimming. Once a week a private bus takes them to Komjádi Pool.


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The kids focus on basic artistic concepts and techniques such as composition, perspective, distance and shading. These initial basic building blocks enable the kids to gain confidence in exploring art and to attempt simple still life compositions. Kids start by using pencil and paper. After enough improvement, drawings switch from basic drawing techniques to basic linear drawing, from paper to canvas, and from pencil to paint. During this period, kids are thought basic brush techniques and use of color. After that, students begin 'project assignments'. Using the techniques developed previously, the students learn how to apply these to landscape pictures providing practice in drawing-together concepts such as perspective, composition, measurement and detail. 



Our progressive dance classes enable kids to always take that next step to keep them challenged, learning and having fun. All toddlers and kids dance classes are great for boys and girls.


kung fuJUDO 

We teach the inner-games of self-esteem, success, and joy as a foundation for greater academic, social and behavioural excellence. Kung-fu can accelerate a kid`s learning beyond any perceived limitations that they may have had.
Our programs work hand in hand with a child's school work, providing improved self-discipline, self-confidence, mental alertness, and goal setting skills.
Young people are taught that through dedication and remaining focused, all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Parents have attributed their child's improved school grades as a direct result of our program; improved achievement, motivation, and self-confidence come as a direct result of our training.