We usually accept children over 3 years of age, depending on social skills and previous experience with similar institutions we can accept a younger child. Each case is discussed individually after the child's short attendance to our school. Children have to be toilet trained.
Children are often tearful when their Mummy leaves them – tears are part of nursery life. It is a big step for children and parents. However, tears usually dry up within five minutes of their parent's departure. But only if it is a real departure. It does not help if parents linger around the hall, in front of the building and the playground because if children happen to see them the tears will start again and it will only make the parting longer and harder. It is important not slip out while the child is otherwise occupied – saying goodbye and reassuring him/her that you will be back soon to collect him/her is important. The preschool teachers are gentle and flexible with the children and parents entering the kindergarten and since each child is different there are no strict rules regarding the way and speed of transition. The most important thing for us is that to ensure efficiency of education the cooperation between parents and teachers is smooth.
In Orchidea Kindergarten the maximum number of children depends on the size of the room. There are at least 2 teachers in each group, a Hungarian speaking one and an English speaking one.


By providing your child with a bilingual education you will be:

Ensuring they develop language skills at a critical age
Improving their ability to learn further languages in life
Extending their ability to see the world from multiple perspectives and so be better placed for future challenges.
The opportunities that my children have experienced as a result of growing up bilingual are many. At secondary school they were able to learn new languages easily, which in turn helped them to understand the complexities of the English language better.

They are able to build on this capacity which puts them in a good position for university application. The fact that they speak a second language fluently gives them the edge over single language applicants.

In terms of employment and work experience, they have had the choice and the opportunity of working in Spain and Latin America as well as in their home country.

However the best part of being bilingual is the ability to dip in into two very different cultures. This has enriched and moulded the children into well rounded global citizens.

Bilingualism attaches one to the wider world and provides the children with a range of knowledge and skills which may play a vital role in responding to the future challenges of globalisation.

A bilingual school is a wonderful initiative as it will give children the benefits of bilingualism: communication in two or more languages, two or more cultures, the undoubted cognitive benefits of bilingualism, enhanced self-esteem for speaking more than one language, biliteracy and the many employment advantages.


Yes. Orchidea International School is accredited by The National Ministry of Education and OIS prepares the students for Hungarian bilingual final state examinations. 
We aim to bring cultural programmes into our kindergarten at least once a month such as concerts and puppet programs. Other programmes include field trips or outings. On Children's Day we take a long day trip.
We place great emphasis on offering various possibilities of sports for the children. Sport activities are supervised by qualified trainers keeping children's age appropriacy in mind.
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Extracurricular Activities 
No; children may start education as soon as a place in the group has been offered.
Each child has a folder in which we collect his/her materials, e.g. worksheets or other activity sheets. We keep it till the end of the year but parents can look at their child's progress any time. These folders can be taken home at the end of the educational year as a reminder of their personal achievements or as a souvenir from preschool years.

We are happy when parents work with us and discuss what was learnt in school. Our goal is to promote individual development of children in all areas of education with an emphasis on the smooth and seamless transition of the child to the next grade.